Since 1868 the Gerritsen family has been involved in the production and supply of silverware. Sola was founded in 1922 by Mr. M.J. Gerritsen. For generations the Sola brand mark is synonymous for the most wonderful cutlery in excellent and durable quality. Nowadays the company is run by Mr. Bert Gerritsen, grandson of Mr. M.J. Gerritsen. Sola has been manufacturing and distributing its products through dealers and wholesalers, reaching all various sectors of the hospitality industry from hotels and hotel-supply companies, restaurants, airlines, cruise-lines and others.
In our range of cutlery we have many different styles, varying from classic to contemporary designs in stainless steel, silver-plated as sterling silver in different price-levels. New designs based on the latest trends are regularly being introduced. Many designs can be supplied from stocks kept in different parts of the world. Our main objective is to offer excellent quality products against competitive prices. All our products are being supplied with a 10 year guarantee against production and/or material faults. We believe that customer satisfaction is highly important. That is why we have a customer-oriented way of working.

Working method production and quality control

Over the past 92 years Sola has grown into an important player on the market. Due to this growth of the company we expanded our production facilities to Asia. In view of the highly competitive market we can benefit from sharp prices due to our high volumes and long lasting relationship with our factories and effective and cost efficient distribution. As part of Sola’s quality control (Sola’s QC) we supervise and analyse the materials carefully.
The raw material that Sola is using for their products is of the highest quality and agreed composition, according to fixed international standards. All factories are regularly visited by our QC department, in order to optimise the cooperation and production quality output. It is an ongoing process of monitoring by our well trained controllers from Sola BV and Sola Korea Ltd. An efficient team enables Sola to work flexible and respond to new developments rapidly. Therefore we can offer our customers a high quality product that meets the latest market trends against highly competitive prices. Putting the customers at the core of our business enables us to understand their needs. By using our experience and know-how we can always provide a solution that meets your requirements. With our current knowledge we are looking forward to serving you as our customer.

Global network

We can supply your products wherever they are required. We have warehouses world-wide to optimize our efforts to our clients. We have the ability to supply into bonded warehouses. We make use of international operating forwarders to make sure that your products are handled, shipped and delivered as quickly and as professionally as possible all over the world. Details and possibilities can be discussed via e-mail, phone or in person. We have an experienced staff that is specialized in shipping world-wide and will guide you through all the options. Please contact us and let us know your plans and/or ideas you have and we can start from there. Also any other condition like payment, order quantities and similar options will be discussed with your contact person, who will explain to you exactly which options are available.

Best value for money

We can offer the best prices available in hte market due to production in the Far East controlled by our own management. You can select designs from our own range or we can offer you a very sharp quotation in your own design. We respond quickly.
With pricing and designing we offer tailor made solutions.We will check all options for best value for money and need your input like: quantities, patterns, samples of your own design or design instructions, logo’s kind of material and required finish. Also the various delivery options, locations and warehousing facilities will be taken into consideration when quoting you our best prices and conditions. This also means that we do not show prices or conditions on our website. However, our staff will be able to give you these quickly, adequately and based on your requirements. Prices can be given in US Dollar, Euro or any other specific currency that might be needed.

Cutlery in any design

You can make use of designs we have in our existing range or you can modify these designs according to any specific wishes you might have, like adding a logo or other features. We keep stock of most of the designs we have in our range, which enables you to enlarge your options and easy continuation of your daily operations. Of course we can also produce your own design on your behalf. Please test us and we are sure we can offer you very sharp prices and conditions. Our own design studio can develop any new design idea you might have into a complete new and fresh ready product you can actually feel, use and test. Hand made samples are free of charge and is both for you and us a welcome project to work on and further develop to an end product you feel comfortable with.

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